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1" Training/Tracking Reflective Replacement Straps

1" Training/Tracking Reflective Replacement Straps

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Replacement reflective collar strap for most training and tracking collars that use a 1” strap such as TT15, T5, TT25, T20 (will not fit TT15/T5 Mini, they use 3/4”).

Available in

Standard w/ D-Ring= 27" overall length

TT25/T20 Reduced= 21" overall length, designed for a tighter fit on smaller dogs and use without buying zero length gps strap. No D-Ring and closer attachment point to the buckle allows for up to 2" of additional tightness over factory straps.

*Both Standard and Reduced are 1” and will fit the TT25/T20 units. Reduced is designed for small beagles and Feist to hopefully avoid the need to buy the zero length gps antenna. For larger beagles and hounds the Standard is best.*

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