Is your Garmin software current?

UPDATED 6/17/23

With the roll out of the Alpha 300 and TT25/T20 collars it is very important you make sure your handheld and collars are up to date if adding new equipment.


Is your Garmin software current? This is probably one of the most overlooked but easily fixed issues we run into with not only our own equipment but also customers when they call needing support.

When we sell Garmin equipment we can do the initial update before we send it to you to ensure you have the latest software as we realize not everyone has computers in the age of smart phones, or has an Apple computer. We additionally offer software updating to you for the lifetime of the unit if you bring it to us. If you have a computer and want to do it yourself you can download the Garmin Express software here.

Once your devices are connected and updated it will track them and notify you if an update is released. This software is far easier than the WebUpdater version before that is no longer supported with the latest updates (Original TT15 full size are still updated via WebUpdater).


If you need help or have questions on updating don't hesitate to call us.

According to our Garmin Express the current software versions for the following devices are current as of 6/17/23. Are you up-to-date?

Alpha 100- V8.3

Alpha 200/200i- V6.20 (additional map updates released as well as of 6/17/23

Alpha 10- V2.99

TT 15 Mini/T5 Mini- V3.90

TT 15 Mini/T5 Mini OnSemi- V5.10

TT15X/T5X- V2.46

DriveTrack71- V6.70


TT15/T5- V4.70 (Updated via WebUpdater)

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